Welcome to SparkNET.net! Check out what we do, who we are, and discover what you might have in common with SparkNET!

Who Is SparkNET?

We are an innovative, forward thinking and technology savvy company driven by passionate people pursuing creative projects. Our core culture encourages a blend of mind, body, and spirit through exercise, healthy food, and a balance of work and play as well as accountability and personal responsibility within the company, the community, and the environment.

Founded in 1996, SparkNET is a high-intensity Internet and mobile app development firm that develops, administers, and supports dozens of websites, iOS mobile applications, and Android mobile applications. With a focus on positive, innovative growth not only as a company, but as a team, SparkNET isn’t just a company, it’s a culture.

Our team culture is based on a set of Core Values that define who we are as a company and drive what we do as a team. We believe our values create a productive, innovative environment driven by happier, healthier team members.

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Work Life at SparkNET

SparkNET team members are energetic, driven, ambitious and work in a fast-paced, highly innovative flexible environment where their decisions can directly make a positive impact. It's more than just a job; it's our passion and sense of community that makes it a fun place to share your talents and be rewarded.

SparkNET Core Values

Be fast. Be accurate. Take massive action. Over deliver with a smile. Be humble & be happy. Embrace change. Drive business & personal growth. Be competent while pursuing excellence. Be passionate, persistent & determined. Follow through on your promises. Do more with less. Leave things better than you found them. Be creative, open-minded & flexible. Be clear in communication. Be honest with yourself & others. Be fun & playful while getting your work done. Act with integrity. Be healthy, active & fit both physically & mentally. Take personal responsibility. Be a role model. Be a team player & share the vision. Share knowledge. Create a burning sense of urgency. Be resourceful.

These Core Values are not simply words hanging in the air. They are effectively built into the structure of the building, the amenities offered, the efforts of our team members, and the goals of the team at large. From the incredibly fast slides that connect 4 floors to the spaces ideas can grow and much more – every corner, every facet of the company, and every team member represents SparkNET’s culture and growth.